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Dependable Security You Can Trust

Brute Force Protection is Michigan’s elite security guard company offering reliable and effective security
solutions made up of highly trained and experienced guards. We offer unmatched security services
with over 40 years of combined professional experience in the security and law enforcement industries.


Dependable Security You Can Trust

The level of crime is constantly on the rise. It’s our job to ensure you are adequately protected against robberies, violence and other forms of crime. At Brute Force Protection Agency, LLC we bring over 40 years of combined law enforcement experience. We are security professionals that you can trust to offer you total protection against all kinds of risks. Our agency is firmly built upon trust, integrity, discipline and a commitment to delivering exceptional customer service.

Our Approach

Brute Force Protection Agency has the best approach to all their clients’ needs. When you reach out to us with a security concern, we’ll take time to study the risks involved and understand your unique objectives on matters security. We will give you answers to any questions you may be having regarding your security. We’ll draft an action plan that will address each concern making sure it perfectly fits your needs and budget. We have a strict personnel selection process so be rest assured that you’ll get an experienced and skilled team by your side. Whatever your security needs are, we’re always ready to address them.

Highly Trained Security Agents

Our security agents have a reputation for being professional, friendly, disciplined and trustworthy. Before admitting any security agent to our team, we undertake thorough background checks and screenings to ensure they’re the right people for the job. All our guards are trained in Krav Magas basic defense, weapon disarmament, crowd control and weapons usage. All our security agents, who are typically all fieldwork employees, have first responder training. Our elite agents undergo further training to serve the unique needs of our clients.
Why Choose Brute Force Protection Agency?
   - We are committed to deliver highest quality security solutions for all
   - We use state-of-the-art technology to provide effective solutions
   - All our security agents undergo through screening and background checks
   - We offer competitive pricing
   - We bring customized security services to your doorstep
Brute Force Protection Agency has a large team of qualified, experienced and well-trained personnel who excel in protecting you, your assets, employees, residents and customers. We have modern technology that allows us to convey important messages in good time during emergencies and also on an on-going basis. Right from the retail shops to industries, schools and financial institutions, we can handle it all. We are also known to offer mobile patrols, private investigation services and executive protection.

There For You

Our experienced guards are available 24/7 and ready to go at a moments notice.


We are a licensed, bonded and insured security guard company offering highly trained and experienced security services.

Competitive Pricing

We offer unmatched security services at competitive prices. Get a custom quote or ask about our corporate pricing.

Brute Force

Protection Agency

We strive to deliver optimum services to all our clients. We utilize our skilled agents, state-of-the-art technology and advanced training to deliver the best security solutions to every client. The difference between us and other security companies in the Michigan is that we are friendly, passionate about what we do and highly trained. Our caring attitude is what helps us to maintain loyal clients for many years.

Experienced Team

We have a dynamic team of experienced and highly trained guards that are ready at a moment’s notice. Our guards are ready for any and all potential scenerios.

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World Class Service

Couple our experienced and highly trained guards with exceptional customer service and you get a world class security service. At BF Protection, we accept nothing less than World Class for our clients.

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Best Protection

To offer an elite level of protection, it’s important to have guards that are both physically fit and mentally sharp. Our guards are trained to foresee potential threats, address any situations and keep our clients safe and secure at all costs.

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We Care

"We believe that an essential element of protecting a life is the ability and willingness to save a life. We here at Brute Force Protection Agency, LLC protect and save lives in many ways with one being dear to heart. We've created a relationship with charity:water to bring clean drinking water to many in need globally by donating a percentage of all monthly revenue to the cause. Follow our campaigns progression at to view the lives you've impacted just by hiring us to protect yours!"

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