Security Guards Grand Rapids MI

Security Guards Grand Rapids MI

Brute Force Protection is the #1 Trusted security guard company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Our services include armed guard, unarmed guards, and bodyguards serving MI.


Choose the Best Security Guards Grand Rapids MI

In the 21st century, security threats know no limits. There’s so much uncertainty and you can’t trust just anyone to safeguard your property or people. Having the best security guards Grand Rapids MI is the best way to have a safe surrounding as you go on with your day to day business. Professional security officers can help mitigate risks, deter crime and offer support to a facility. At Brute Force, we train our guards to offer the best security services. If you need us to show up armed, well-dressed in uniform or with modern patrol cars, we’re here to meet your every need.


Why choose our security guards?

Our security guards may not know you or your company personally but they are always prepared, trained and qualified to offer effective protection services. Our guards are not just passionate about what they do, they are friendly and trustworthy too. We do everything in our power to ensure your security concerns are addressed. Our job is to protect you and your assets so if you have any concerns, we’re happy to discuss them and recommend the best solutions. We give you the assurance that every aspect of your security is well handled.



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When you hire our security guards Grand Rapids MI, expect:

  •          Fully licensed and insured security specialists
  •          Our guards have military backgrounds and law enforcement experience
  •          We are friendly and professional
  •          We will remain as discreet as you want us to when offering the security service
  •          Our guards undergo thorough background checks and screenings before getting hired
  •          We conduct in-house training to keep up with the changes in the security industry
  •          We have security personnel who specialize in different areas such as consulting, private investigations and more.


If you would like to host a corporate occasion or a small party and you need proper security, get in touch with our team. We have guards with experience in crowd control, offering VIP protection services and conducting very sensitive private investigative services. Whatever your needs are, know that Brute Force is here to serve you. We offer security services at very competitive rates. You don’t have to break the bank in order to have a reliable team of security personnel by your side. We’re always happy to discuss your needs and budget in order to come up with a solution that works.


When to hire Brute Force security specialists

There are many circumstances that may require the help of a security company. It could be that your business is facing rivalry and the competition wants to steal your trade secrets and ideas. Having proper security in your building will ensure this doesn’t happen. You may need armed guards to provide security in an environment that is highly targeted by criminals. It could be that you’re hosting an event and need security guards with crowd control experience. In all these situations, Brute Force security agents can be of invaluable help. We will do all it takes to ensure that no property or life is lost.



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