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Security Company Detroit

If you’re looking for well trained, experienced security professionals in Michigan, you’ve come to the right place. Our Detroit Security Company offers armed guards, unarmed guards, bodyguards and executive protection agents.



Your Expert Security Company Detroit

As a leading security company Detroit, we know that today’s ever-changing security threats require continuous training and the highest level of integrity. For this reason, we take time to handpick the best security professionals in our team. When you hire us, be assured of a friendly and professional service. We first take time to create security solutions that suit your unique needs after an initial consultation with the client. We customize all our security services to suit clients because we understand that there’s never a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to matters security.



Quality security services guaranteed

We have taken several steps to guarantee our customers of quality security services. First is performing thorough screening to get the best people in the industry. The other is making sure our security personnel undergo extensive training to be well-equipped to handle the demands of the ever-changing security landscape. We also have supervisors and managers who are well-equipped to monitor the security teams and ensure they always act responsibly and fast. We develop security plans with an aim of reducing the possibility and opportunity for theft, vandalism, injury or any other common security threat. We pride ourselves on being the best security company Detroit has to offer.



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Armed and unarmed security guards

Are you looking for armed guards to offer protection in a high-risk area? We’ve got you covered. Our armed guards have been trained on weapons handling and possess military backgrounds so you can be assured that they will react responsibly and effectively to any emergency situation they are faced with.  Our unarmed guards can help in other areas of your day to day business such as searching cars entering the building and checking IDs of guests to the facility. We train our guards on important areas such as customer care to ensure they blend with your organization’s culture.



Security guards you can trust

In order to guarantee our customers quality, we perform a very extensive applicant screening process. We understand that the best security personnel will give you a peaceful surrounding and guarantee a fast and effective response at all times. In fact, the thorough recruitment and training exercise at Brute Force Agency is the key to our success. We perform drug testing, criminal record checks, and other background checks to understand the type of people we are hiring. Our officers have met all the state regulations and guidelines required for security personnel. We conduct in-house training to keep our guards up to pace with the latest in the industry.



Get next-level security for your business

As a commercial security firm, our primary target is to protect your commercial facility from so many kinds of risks. From making sure your assets and properties are safe to performing investigations, security consulting and training, we’re here to provide an all-rounded service. No security task is too complex or too small for our company to handle. We treat our customers with the attention and care that they deserve. If you need us to discuss your security concerns, talk to the team at Brute Force Protection agency today.




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