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Looking for the best and most trusted security company in Detroit, MI? We have experienced security guards, armed guards, bodyguards and EP Agents servicing the Detriot and statewide.



Leading Security Guard Company Detroit

Brute Force Protection is a security guard company with more than 40 years of combined experience in the industry. We offer complete, reliable and cost-effective security solutions to both the public and private sectors in Detroit. Our company has a proven track record of offering customized security services to clients all over Detroit. If you’ve been looking for security companies Detroit that you can trust to offer a credible and reliable service, we’ve got you covered.



Professional security guard services

We take pride in our work throughout Detroit and the surrounding areas. Our company boasts an extremely talented and highly trained staff. We have armed security guards, bodyguards, event staff, executive protection specialists among other security experts. All our guards possess years of hands-on experience in the security industry. If you have specialized security needs of any type or size, we’re here to offer you our fast and cost-effective services. We provide on-demand security to all parts of Detroit.



The clients we serve

At Brute Force Protection, we have worked with business owners, individuals, VIPs, event promoters and even private customers to offer them integrated security solutions that fit their unique needs. Our goal is to always get the job done quickly, efficiently an effectively. We can address any security concern in your building, home or event. We have bodyguards, construction site security, armed guards and red-carpet security agents who are well versed with the demands of each environment.



We ensure your environment is a peaceful one

If you are struggling with serious security concerns, no need to spend one more sleepless night worrying about your safety and protection. We’ve got you. Our team of experienced security professionals is ready to discuss your concerns and come up with effective solutions that won’t break the bank. We have the best talent and utilize modern technology to give our clients unmatched value. In fact, our integration of up-to-date technology, as well as skill in the industry, cannot be matched by other security companies Detroit.  



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Our security guard services include:

–          Event security

–          Security surveillance and monitoring

–          Armed security

–          VIP security and protection

–          Commercial and private security services



At Brute Force Protection we can address common security challenges including:

–          Stalkers

–          Large crowds and demonstrators

–          Attempted robbery and break-ins

–          VIP protection and detection

–          Terrorism threats

–          Violent attacks



All our guards undergo thorough screening and background testing to ensure they are the best people for the job. We also maintain a high level of confidentiality when working with our clients. When you hire Brute Force Protection, be assured of a professional, friendly and well-trained team of security guards. We’re sure to meet and possibly exceed all your expectations.



What are your security needs? We’ll be happy to discuss them. Our goal is to put your fears to rest by providing the best security solutions. Come to Brute Force Protection for a free consultation and we’ll review all your security concerns and then offer you the best services.



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